Nowadays everything is online, everyone is workingonline,we are spending the whole dayworking on laptop, computer and mobile phones.Mobilephones are kept always near to us , justlike an Indian married woman keeps their mangalsutranear her,or wears it. We just can’t say NO to our office work.We cannot stop the use of mobile phones completely, because theybecome an essential part of our lifestyle. Do youknow that continuous exposure tolaptops,mobile phones and other devices can take atoll on our health and life!!!Do you know weall are in danger in our own home !!!

Why and how ???

Like all wireless devices connected to WiFi, laptopsand Mobiles use radio frequency (RF)energy.laptop and other on-the-go technology emitelectromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, whichcan be toxic to your body’s cells.Electro MagneticFields are known as EMF’s,also known aselectromagnetic radiation (EMR).Scientists have found that EMF’s can be attributedto a number of symptoms. Thesecan include:

1.Direct brain warming after prolonged use.

2.Slightly raised blood pressure.

3.Tumours – glioma, meningioma, or non-central nervoussystem tumours.

4.Cancer-Tissue damage through heat radiation canpromote the cellular mutations andincrease your long-term risk of developing cancer.


6.Blurred Vision

7.Ringing in ears

8.Lack Of concentration

9.Sleep disturbances


11.joint & muscle pain

12.decreased attention span

13.memory loss


And many more

We can not stop doing office work because that’s our bread and butter but we can definitely make small changes in our lifestyle and our working patterns to keep ourselves safe. Like taking small breaks in between work. Washing eyes and usingeye masks. Good news is we have Crystals which can counteract EMF pollution. Theyeasily slide into resonance with electronics &microwave radiation.Along with their strong iron content,crystals come with height enedpurification properties, meaning that they will connectto and align the chakras, lend their radiantenergies to improve the aura of your space, and absorbthe toxic properties that are flying around from EMF, picking them up before they enter the body. So you can work safely on laptops and mobiles.

We will speak about crystals which can save us from EMF.


One of the most protective crystals in the world,if you want to surround yourself in a force fieldof the finest protection, this midnight black stoneis the ultimate talisman to keep you safe.It iswell versed in clearing away the EMF smog that wants to invade your space. As a highly intuitive and absorbing stone, Black Tourmaline will also block negative energies and spin theminto positive vibes. You can use black tourmalineas EMF protector by wearing black tourmalinependant,bracelet or just keep it at your work space.Radha’s Crystals

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